Twang System Live @ Castle dis friday 26/8

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Twang System @ Uppsala Reggae Festival 2011

Yes I Massive, di festival tun up!! We have to give thanks to all who support Twang System and partied with us! so here ya go with a little part of di performance!


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Twang System alongside CME

Arite Massive so dis wuz good! Twang Fam always ready for new adventures! So dis time we playin alongside Club Musica Extasis in Karlshamn & Gävle! check our schedule to know the dates!

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Twang System @ Uppsala Reggae Festival

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Arite Massive, as u might have noticed by now we have a new n improved design/logo to di fam! Question is, what do you think?? Let us know! Leave a comment!

Bless // Twang Fam

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Twang System @ Night Of The Champions!

First of all Give thanks Massive fi di support u a bring to our shows! Nuff Respect everytime!

Here ya go wit a likkle video from di show @ Stampen alongside TSBTR Band

Bless up everytime // Twang Fam

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Twang Systems Streetalbum “Never Let You Down” Out Now to Download!

Yes Massive!

Here ya go with our very first streetalbum “Never Let You Down”

u can download the whole album at once by clickin on the poster below or u can listen to it “tune-by-tune” a bit further down and even download!

it’s ur choice! Blessings!

Twang System – Success

Twang System – Pon Di Street

Twang System – Why Hustle A Bredda

Twang System – Smoke A Di Herb

Twang System – Anthem (Run Dung Di Place)

Twang System – See You Again

Twang System – Down Fi Di Earth

Twang System – She’s The One

Twang System – Gyal Yuh Know

Twang System – Wicked Thoughts

Twang System – Never Let You Down

Enjoy! // Twang Family

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